A bit of update

Basics for theming is already there. I still have to improve it and rethink its API to make it easier to replace SinglefileHTMLBuilder (*not StandaloneHTMLBuilder) with user’s own theming class (I guess some advanced users would like to have a choice in this regard. I also have to move this class somewhere else, there’s no need to keep it in a webapp module which is responsible for handling actions associated with comments/fixes.

Some other changes: a file for OpenID logins of developers was added. Some actions (like deleting comments/fixes) will be available only for logged in users whose logins are listed in this file. Also, cookies were added for comments rating.

Now I am diving into anyvc since the last coding-based phase of my project has just started. It’s integrating diffs view with the VCSs. After this task is done there are two weeks more left of GSoC. In my application I reserved this time for writing documentation and testing application but I think that I will spend a part of this time on coding anyway.


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