Theming headache

Mid-term evaluation is long gone (I passed! :-)) and new code is being written. In my last post I said that next items on my TODO list are: threading for comments (done), displaying diffs in fixes view (done) and adding a configuration file for webapp level. The last item on the list is still undone. Instead of working on it, I was spending my time on theming issue.

Sphinx’s webapp builder is not building HTML files. Instead, it creates pickled dictionaries for most of the files. Every pickled file contains only the contents (in ‘body’ key of the dictionary), htmlized text itself, but it does not contain a full HTML code. It is a user’s choice how to transform these pieces of text and HTML into a fully functional HTML page.

To make it possible to produce a full HTML page on webapp level I have to create an environment for StandaloneHTMLBuilder. To make it possible, I need to create an instance of the main Sphinx’s class called – unsurprisingly – Sphinx. Even if I do it, there are many details that still need to be handled (Sphinx class and StandaloneHTMLBuilder were created to work on the source files of a project and not with – looking from Sphinx’s perspective – built project).

Some basic code on this issue was just comitted to the repository, but it’s not even a half of the work that needs to be done with theming. Long and challenging way to go, but with mid-term money from Google I can afford as much coffee as I want to, so it’s not that bad 🙂


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