Mid-term summary

It’s mid-term evaluation time, so a bit of summarization seems like a good idea.

First, I learned a whole lot during first phase of coding. The greatest discovery for me is jQuery. If I knew it before I would construct my schedule in a bit other fashion. Next, I learned how to use Xapian and OpenID. I also learned Pylons and liked it, but decided to drop it at this stage and use WSGI + WebOb instead.

Second, I improved my skills in using Mercurial (and Bitbucket!). 41 commits since May 30, a few problems in the meantime, and I am quite experienced in using it now.

Third, I learned more about Sphinx (and hopefully improved my Python coding style too while reading its code base), and have spent some time with Pocoo team and really enjoyed it, thanks guys!

Now, a few words about the project. I think I am on time with my schedule. The only problem is that there are some unscheduled tasks that I have to/would like to finish. First, I need to add theming support on webapp level. Second, the comments/fixes views and a post form should be customizable on webapp level. Basically, it’s about moving some functionality from Sphinx’s builder level to webapp.

Xapian and OpenID support is done. When it comes to talk about comments/fixes, currently it is possible to add comments and fixes to two separate databases, display submitted comments/fixes, sort them and rate them. When one wants to fix a paragraph, a reST’s rawsource is displayed, so one is changing exactly the text which lies in the repository. VCS support is not added yet, though. It’s scheduled for July 23 – July 31.

The closest items on my TODO lists are:

  • adding threading to comments and fixes views,
  • adding displaying diffs instead of the text for submitted paragraphs (it’s easier to compare the changes then),
  • adding some configuration file on webapp level, because the number of things which are configureable is growing steadily.

That’s all for now, all I can do is waiting for the results 🙂


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