The file structure of my project

At the moment the directory structure of my project built upon Sphinx’s dir structure looks like this:

builders/webapp/ -> webapp builder used by Sphinx to build the docs and the webapp,
builders/webapp/templates/ -> the *.py template files rendered by webapp builder (at the moment one file – – lies here, but actually this file is simply copied, not rendered, but it might change in the future),
builders/webapp/templates/html/ -> the templates of HTML code rendered by the middleware (imported by when serving the docs,

web/middleware/ -> middleware for Xapian, OpenID and serving html files in general,

themes/basic/web/ -> templates for full HTML files. These files are used as templates twice. First, when Sphinx is building the docs, it extends these files with “layout.html”, and then, for a second time, when the files are accessed through the browser. That’s why these files are separated from those located in builders/webapp/templates/html/ directory, which are rendered only once, by the middleware.

A bit of mess, isn’t it? Comments are appreciated 🙂

The structure for generated docs and webapp looks like this (to be found in _build/webapp):

html/ -> files from builders/webapp/templates/html and themes/basic/web directories are located here. We don’t have to separate them anymore, because they are all used as templates by middleware now.

openidstore/ -> OpenID directory. It is created and administered by python-openid library.

public/ -> files built by Sphinx go here. This is the directory which should be served

xapian_db/ -> Xapian’s database. -> a script which imports the middleware and serves the docs. The idea is that: by adapting the code from this file to one’s framework, one should be able to use this webapp in his python web framework of choice. I plan to change it soon, so all logic will be available as a middleware, because the middleware (Xapian, OpenID, etc.) pieces are actually unseparable, so there is no need for an ordinary user to care about importing them all.
Nevertheless, that’s how it looks like now. It may all change in the future, but if we are about to discuss it, it’s good to describe it as it is first.


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  1. Posted by Timmie on June 28, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    Off Topic:
    Maybe this could help your efforts somehow:

    Best wishes.


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