Next step: OpenID logging

OK, it is now possible to login with one’s OpenID login after the docs and webapp for serving the documentation were generated. It took me some time to make it work, mainly because Paste’s module for OpenID logging – paste.auth.open_id – is rather out of date.

What I needed to do to make it work was to put together the WSGI architecture and the OpenID logging logic. The examples from python-openid package were very helpful, though. It is working already, but there are some problems I still need to resolve. To name a few: add a way to distinguish admins from ordinary users (anyone can log in, but only choosen users have special rights), add a “logged in as…” line to the templates (the problem here is that the docs are used as templates twice: when Sphinx generates the docs and later on when webapp is displaying them).

Nevertheless, you can try it just as described in earlier posts. Also, until June 22 a form for posting comments should be ready. Seems like busy weekend! 🙂


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